Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Carly Megan: Into the Garden

A few weeks ago, Ben was part of the shoot for Carly Megan's Spring/Summer collection "Into the Garden," which embodies the whimsy of childhood and beauty in nature. Each piece is light, airy and perfect for the warmer months ahead. I wanted to share some of the images that my talented friend and photographer Liz captured--it was so hard to pick just a few, so sorry for the picture overload! You can check out the entire Carly Megan collection here and follow her on Instagram for her latest releases. 


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  3. Oh, they are so adorable! Especially with those good filters that photograph used. We got similar photoshoot in our local park with my twins. We tried to catch good photos for almost an hour long. And I need to confess some of them was pretty good! Then we got under the shower rain, we couldn’t find good cover fast and we was wet from heads to toes. In result camera has fuc**d up, and Viola start to caught. This led to Rania’s (my wife) sick leaves in university, and now I need to buy her a bunch of papers she didn’t do because of illness of Viola. At least I found good Paper rater to help me choose where to buy it. In conclusion of my story: DON’T fu*k with wheather, and don’t park you car so far you can’t reach it fast. =C



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