Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Shopping: Loft Denim

left: "Curvy Skinny"                    middle: "Modern Skinny" in white                 right: "Relaxed Skinny" 
tee: LOFT  watch: Michele  flats: Valentino 
Over the weekend I stopped into LOFT to try on some tee shirts and ended up trying on a bunch of their jeans. They have so many great styles and washes right now! And even better, all of their denim is currently buy one, get 50% off another pair!


  1. When cuffing your jeans, do you just cuff up once so the seam is showing or to a certain place, like right above the ankle? I like the look, but am never sure if I have "cuffed" too much or too little. . . LOL!

  2. You look the best wearing the pair on the left


  3. You look ridiculously stunning in a t-shirt and jeans! OMG - jealous. =)

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